6 Tips to Pinpoint Your Perfect Career

Do you know that feeling of being stuck in your career? Employee stress and burn out may account for discontentment with a job. All things considered, you're at your regular job in London at least 8 hours a day which is one third of the day if you don't count sleep. That is a long time for you to be dissatisfied. If you feel stuck, here are 6 great ways to get a better job: 1. Brainstorm on a sheet of paper - I have talked about this before and it's a strategy I personally use all the time. Take a piece of paper and write down at the top your objective in the form of a question. Then, prepare 10 answers to that question. Try to take at least a half hour to an hour to come up with solutions to that question. The key to this exercise is producing 10 answers - don't quit until you have 10 answers. You can repeat as long as it is necessary until you get the answer that you're looking for. 2. Ask 3 close friends - Sometimes our friends know us better than ourselves. During a meeting with your friends, mention you are at a crossroads in your job. Discuss with them what they think you'd be good at. You might be amazed at how quickly they can zero in to your strengths and skills and direct you to a perfect job area. 3. Ask your co-workers - such as your friends in the above example, co-workers are likely to see you in ways you do not see yourself. In fact, they're likely most familiar with your strengths and weaknesses within the work place. Put all their answers together to see if there are any common threads you can explore. 4. Contact a job search professional - If you're lacking in your job, it's likely you have a resume. You might be able to catch a recruiter during their slow times and discuss with them what you could possibly be good at. I've tried this at different times in my life and the people seem open to providing advice. The suggestions I get are generally good. 5. Get a career review test - There is plenty of employment website that you might be able to take one of these tests for a small charge. But using the job search consultant tip I mentioned above, many job advisors have this computer program and don't mind if you take the test in their office. I've tried that once before and they normally take an hour or two, but they are effective. You need to answer a series of questions about what you're good at, what you enjoy doing, the things you prefer doing over the one you don't. If you take one, you will likely see a new exciting areas to explore in your life. 6. Keep a journal - Do you have a journal? If so, go throught it, and try to find there some common threads. Keep your eyes peeled for trends and activities you like as well as don't like. In fact, finding examples of what you don't like and what irritates you is almost as important as acknowledging what you do like. For instance, in case you can't stand an overwhelming boss, you would probably enjoy a self-directed job. If you don't like nosy work mates you'd probably prefer some sort of part time jobs with your own office. Identifying the kind of job that is truly suitable for you is the most important decision you should make. We spend 1/3 or even more of our existence at our job. So figuring out the perfect job is crucial to keeping that 1/3 of our lives happy and satisfying.

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